Kehinde Wiley World Stage Brazil I Patch

This 3 x 3 in square patch features Kehinde Wiley’s 2009 painting Nelson Silva Eaflanzino Jr. The model, of the same name, is a resident of Vidigal, a neighborhood and favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The models for this series were sourced from the surrounding Rio de Janeiro area for The World Stage: Brazil series, some of which were recruited at Petrobas Espaco Cultural Nos do moro, a non-profit school for the Arts, where many actors from the 2003 Academy Award nominated film City of God were discovered. Confidently gazing into the viewer's eyes, Eaflanzino is immersed in a floral background that protrudes around his body and into the foreground, which is common practice for many compositions throughout Wiley’s oeuvre.

Kehinde Wiley is a 2001-02 Studio Museum in Harlem artist in residence. 


3 × 3 in.

Dye-sublimation with purple merrowed borders and iron on backing.