Liberated Young, ABC Affirmations Black Girl Magic Flash Cards

Liberated Young is an educational freedom initiative that creates learning products, materials, and content that affirms and empowers Black children and families.

Liberated Young's ABC Affirmations Black Girl Magic flash cards are an empowering journey through the alphabet! Each card features an illustration of a beautiful Black girl, a letter paired with a phonetic word, and an affirmation to speak life into your little one. While the Black Girl Magic edition isn’t exclusively for girls, they are designed so Black girls can see themselves within the illustrations and affirmations. 

33 cards
3.5 × 5 in., 
S30 card stock

This deck includes:

  • 26 cards representing each letter of the alphabet
  • A How-To card with instructions to use the deck
  • A read aloud affirmation card to recite to your little one
  • 2 activity cards featuring ideas to further affirm and empower
  • 2 blank cards for your little one to create their own affirmations
  • Rounded corners safe for little hands
  • Custom two piece box to store cards
  • Affirmations written and designed by Liberated Young