Point of Origin: A Monographic Memoir

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At over 400 pages, Point of Origin: A Monographic Memoir is the debut book by East African sculptor Valerie Piraino.

This hardcover printing brings beautiful reproductions of Piraino's work together with design details like a gold ribbon bookmark and foil stamped covers.

Both memoir and monograph, Piraino defines herself and her creative work in her own words and images. Weaving her life story, personal pictures, and over fifteen years of work as a sculptor, Piraino shares some of her early influences, including her formative years throughout Africa and the impact of personal loss. 

Valerie Piriano is a 2009-10 Artist-in-Residence Alumni. 

Author(s):Valerie Piriano

Hardcover, Valerie Piraino, 2021
409  p,   × in.

Photos courtesy Valerie Piraino