Make Your Mark Gallery: A Coloring Book-ish

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Draw. Frame. Share! With pages of possibilities, the creator of The Dot  inspires us to make our mark and see where it takes us.

Do you have a crayon or marker ready? Children’s book creator Peter H. Reynolds has motivated kids of all ages, in homes and classrooms, to escape their inner critics and let the artist inside of them out to play. Now, with Make Your Mark Gallery, the celebrated author-illustrator offers more inspiration with a coloring book-ish featuring frames of all kinds just waiting to be filled with original art. Readers can follow ish-full suggestions or let inspiration guide their artistic vision, then tear out their creations along a perforated edge to proudly display their work or give it to someone special.

Peter H. Reynolds

Paperback, Candlewick Press, 2020
96 p, 7.9 × 7.4 in.