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The Decade Show: Frameworks of Identity in the 1980s was published on the occasion of the exhibition “The Decade Show.” An examination of artistic production in the 1980s, embracing 113 artists and artists’ groups who - whether visible or invisible in the mainstream - are critical to an understanding of the period. As a collaborative effort between the Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art, The New Museum, and The Studio Museum in Harlem,  The Decade Show reflects true community diversity, as well as the museum’s profound contribution to profound, significant, and ongoing scholarship.

The 1980s was also the last time The Studio Museum found itself opening a new home and excavating on the hallowed ground of 125th Street in Harlem. These final two remaining copies of The Decade Show is offered here with fourteen catalogues published during this daring decade.

The complete set includes the following:

Al Loving: Departures
An Ocean Apart: American Artists Abroad
Bill Hutson: Paintings, 1978-1987
Emilio Cruz: Spilled Nightmares, Revelations and Reflections
Enroute: Works by Six Contemporary Artists
Faith Ringgold: Twenty Years of Painting, Sculptures and Performance (1963 - 1983)
Introspect: The Photography of Anthony Barboza
Jack Whitten: Ten Years 1970–1980
Red and Black to "D": Paintings by Sam Gilliam
Ritual and Myth: A Survey of African American Art
The Sound I Saw: The Jazz Photographs of Roy DeCarava
The Collages of Benny Andrews
The Decade Show: Frameworks of Identity in the 1980s
The Permanent Collection Vol: 1
Tradition and Conflict: Images of a Turbulent Decade 1963–1973