FOLKUS, Khadijah Zakiyah Wrapping Paper

FOLKUS is a Brooklyn-based brand that aims to create a sustainable future by amplifying Black folk stories and leveraging the practical approaches, inventiveness, and design aesthetic of Black folks.

Their collection of wrapping paper rolls 
are multipurpose, double-sided and free of trees, water, bleach, harmful inks or acids — allowing for easy and chic environmental stewardship. 

The inspiration behind the prints

Khadijah is inspired by the all the boss women, trailblazers, rich chicks counting stacks and leveraging their resources to make transformative change. While an independent thinker, Khadijah thrives on collaboration and edification.

When you find a dope friend that feels more familial than blood, hold them close and tight.  In the FOLKUS tribe said dope friend is Zakiyah. In Arabic, Zakiyah means pure and in Hebrew the name means winning or gaining. Our Zakiyah is selfless love personified, she is the bestie, hype woman and "sister" you can only dream of -- when you win she wins! Zakiyah is a supreme listener and can distill all your "feels".  When you call her "Z" -- she knows shit serious, when you call her Ki or Kiki all is good.

30 sq ft. / 76.2 cm x 3.05 m