FOLKUS, Malcolm Betty Wrapping Paper

FOLKUS is a Brooklyn-based brand that aims to create a sustainable future by amplifying Black folk stories and leveraging the practical approaches, inventiveness, and design aesthetic of Black folks.

Their collection of wrapping paper rolls 
are multipurpose, double-sided and free of trees, water, bleach, harmful inks or acids — allowing for easy and chic environmental stewardship.

The inspiration behind the prints

The Malcolm design cleverly organizes multiple bands to form a series of X's. Like many converts, Malcolm Little joined the Nation of Islam abandoned the use of his surname in exchange for a single letter X. The X represents lost identity, heritage and history associated with enslavement in the Americas, yet seemingly it also means know thyself. Malcolm epitomizes reinvention through self-discovery, self-education and mentorship and the endless possibilities of what you can become when you know thyself. Each of the bands in the Malcolm design honors the segments of our life and the big picture connections.  

The Betty design features a color palette inspired by the African Savanna -- gold, black, pistachio, sandstone, khaki and pumpkin orange. Betty is paired with the Malcolm design, which features the same color palette. 

30 sq ft. / 76.2 cm x 3.05 m