Wardell Milan Drawings of Harlem Umbrella

Produced by The Studio Museum in Harlem, this umbrella features work from artist Wardell Millan’s Drawings of Harlem exhibition (2009 – 10), an exhibition that brought together contemporary photography and the fundamental artistic practice of drawing.

A city within a city, Harlem is in a constant state of flux. It is hardedged. It is immediate. It is fantastical. It is real, hyper-real and hyperrealized. In counterbalance to this reality, Wardell Milan: Drawings of Harlem offers a new physical possibility for experiencing this space. The works in the exhibition illustrate, in panoramic scope, the people, places, storefronts, churches, iconic fixtures and moments in time that are the essence of this cosmopolitan neighborhood.

Commissioned and organized by Studio Museum PR Manager and Editor in Chief Ali Evans, this exhibition originated from Milan’s 2008 sketches of Harlem created for the pages of Studio magazine, following his year as an artist in residence. A merger of the artist’s photographic eye and impressionistic hand, the exhibition included more than forty works on paper based on photographs Milan took throughout Harlem. 

Wardell Milan is a 2006-07 Studio Museum in Harlem Artist-in-Residence Alumni. 

35 in. long, 41 in. open