THREE is Radius Books’ third in an ongoing series of limited edition photography projects. We think of these as a sketchbook or collection of thoughts on a chosen topic: an opportunity to pair a single image with a short text, to inspire something new.

The theme of this edition is Voice. A voice is a necessary component of all dialogue, all articulations of the self, of ideas, of dissent. A voice takes multiple forms: whispers, yells, cries, call and response, harmony, dissonance. This project posits that photographs also have a voice that translates into visibility, and which amplifies the multifarious constructions of self and other, fantasy and reality, embedded in an image. We asked each photographer to provide one image based on this theme, and then paired each image with a writer, who in turn responded to the image, keeping the broader theme of Voice in mind.

Photographer | Writer
Zanele Muholi | Ashley Coleman Taylor
Dannielle Bowman | Evie Shockley
Deborah Roberts | Carolyn Jean Martin
Kyle Meyer | Jarrett Earnest
Sanlé Sory | Teju Cole
Wendy Red Star | Eileen Myles
Lauren Noelle Oliver | Julia de Burgos
Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa | Makeda Best

Afterword by Lorna Simpson
Page Count : 64 pages
Publisher : Radius Books
Year : 2020
Size : 12.5 × 10.5 in.