Melody Ehsani and Aya Brown

"BLACK WOMEN are the definition of ESSENTIAL. BLACK WOMEN are the definition of underground, everything comes from us. BLACK WOMEN save your life time and time again. What do you do for us in return?  BLACK WOMEN shouldn't only be valuable to you when they're providing you a service, that sound like slavery to me. We are not batteries. It is not our job to save the world.  BLACK WOMEN deserve the world, not  to be the caretakers of it. We are not vending machines sitting in a corner waiting for you to put in a request. The work we do is important, but exhausting and dangerous. The RESPECT and PROTECTION we get shouldn't be transactional it should be a given. BLACK WOMEN are not an afterthought or a shadow."


Born and raised in Brooklyn, artist, Aya Brown ( has been unapologetically purposeful in honoring and elevating the visibility of Black womanhood and sisterhood. Drawing ever since she was a girl (and preferring her own images to the ones she encountered in the media), Brown's voice and work has continued to celebrate queer Black and Brown lives and has reverently spotlighted Black communities.