Kehinde Wiley St. Bartholomew Deck of Cards

This limited edition deck of cards features Kehinde Wiley's 2007 masterpiece, St. Bartholomew.

Wiley skillfully reimagines Jusepe de Ribera's 1634 painting of the same title, inviting us to traverse the crossroads of tradition and contemporary identity. Through vibrant patterns, the artist breathes new life into the historical narrative, presenting a powerful portrayal of a modern saint. Mirroring its 17th-century counterpart, the composition remains nearly identical, with a background adorned in vintage and ornate details of kittens, yarn, and chicks, playfully patterning around the model's body and extending into the soft pink foreground.

Kehinde Wiley is a 2001-02 Studio Museum in Harlem artist in residence. 

54 playing cards
Linen embossed finish