Red and Black to "D": Paintings by Sam Gilliam

Red and Black to "D": Paintings by Sam Gilliam is the accompanying catalogue for the first Artist in Mid-Career exhibition to be presented in the Museum's new facility at the time in 1982.

In this exhibition, that opened in November 1982 and ran through February 1983, the Studio Museum in Harlem brought together a group of red and black paintings, along with a selection from Gilliam's "D" series. 

To learn more about Sam Gilliam, explore the Studio Museum's website here.

Exhibition: Red and Black to "D": Paintings by Sam Gilliam, November 16, 1982  - February 27, 1983 
Author(s)/Contributor(s): Deirdre Bibby, Dr. Mary Schmidt Campbell, Sam Gilliam


Paperback, The Studio Museum in Harlem, 1982
31 p