Tracy K. Smith, Such Color: New and Selected Poems

Such Color: New and Selected Poems, Tracy K. Smith’s first career-spanning volume, traces an increasingly audacious commitment to exploring the unknowable, the immense mysteries of existence.

Each of Smith’s four collections moves farther outward: when one seems to reach the limits of desire and the body, the next investigates the very sweep of history; when one encounters death and the outer reaches of space, the next bears witness to violence against language and people from across time and delves into the rescuing possibilities of the everlasting. Smith’s signature voice, whether in elegy or praise or outrage, insists upon vibrancy and hope, even—and especially—in moments of inconceivable travesty and grief.

Author(s): Tracy K. Smith


Hardcover, Graywolf, 2021
240 p, 6 × 9 in.