Gee's Bend Quilts Notecards

Share the timeless work of the Gee’s Bend quilters with friends and family.

The rural community of Gee's Bend, Alabama has nurtured the art of quilting for generations. The residents are direct descendants of those enslaved on a cotton plantation established by Joseph Gee in 1816; the women who worked on the plantation began making quilts out of necessity, and their abstract designs were passed down.

This box of notecards features six outstanding works, all exemplary of the innovative geometric patterns that have characterized Gee's Bend quilts since the 19th century. Patterns by Lucy T. Pettway, Willie "Ma Willie" Abrams, Nettie Jane Kennedy, Annie Bendolph, and Linda Diane Bennett are included.

Eighteen Notecards and Envelopes
4 × 5 1/4 in.