Awol Erizku Double Image

"Double Image" serves as a captivating embodiment of Awol Erizku’s concept of metaphorical weaving. Within its pages, a tapestry of visuals unfolds, captured in iconic metropolises — New York, Los Angeles, London, Pisa, and Istanbul — with each frame serving as an eloquent testament to the ceaseless churning of the artist's imaginative faculties.

With an uncanny ability to intertwine metaphorical threads spanning across artistic epochs, the book skillfully weaves together luminaries like Marcel Duchamp and Kendrick Lamar, drawing intriguing parallels with figures such as DMX and Cy Twombly. Through these ingenious associations, "Double Image" unveils an unparalleled artistic voice — both original and captivating — inviting readers to explore the dynamic interplay between inspiration and creation.

Author(s): Awol Erizku

Paperback, WORK/PLAY and Awol Erizku, 2023
42 p,  7.5 × 10 in.