Frank Bowling's Americas

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“Modernism belonged to me also.”

So resolved the British Guiana–born artist Frank Bowling in 1966, when he moved from his temporary home base of London to New York City, keen to make his mark on modern painting. This volume surveys for the first time the transformative years that Bowling spent in the US from 1966 through 1975, a chapter of extraordinary productivity and artistic growth that would greatly shape his thinking and practice.

Frank Bowling’s Americas assembles more than 30 paintings—many rarely seen—from this critical period, and places them in the context of both Bowling’s own artistic trajectory and the New York art scene at a time of aesthetic and racial reckoning. Offering magnificent reproductions of these vibrant, multifaceted works, accompanied by curatorial essays and statements by contemporary artists, this book invites new understanding of an artist whose work has remained always in motion.

Editors: Reto Thüring, Akili Tommasino, Debra Lennard
Author(s): Firelei Báez, Melvin Edwards, Julie Mehretu, Kobena Mercer, Sarah Roberts

Hardcover, MFA Publications, Museum of Fine Art, Boston, 2022
160 p, 10 × 11 in.