Kehinde Wiley, Self-Addressed Postcards

This set of 30 postcards features a selection of artworks from the exhibition “Self-Addressed,” curated by Kehinde Wiley. For this landmark exhibition, Wiley invited contemporary African artists living throughout the world to produce a self-portrait.

Together these portraits present a new exploration of identity, perception, and self-regard within the global stage through the lens of figuration, exploring notions of perspective, authorship and control within acts of expression that directly address the self. Together, these portraits offer an examination of the myth of the monolithic ‘Africa’ and an exploration of contemporary artists’ visual definitions of what it means to be ‘African’ or ‘of Africa.’

Wiley will donate net proceeds from the Kehinde Wiley Shop to directly support Black Rock, his artist in residence program in Dakar, Senegal.

30 Postcards
4.25 x 6 in